A new Call for Papers «Equity in transportation: theory, methods and practices» is available on the 2017 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting web-page. More information can be found here.

Venezia, E, for the book “Decisional process for infrastructural investment choice”.

Inclusion of equity related topics in the Call for papers of the European Transport Conference; Elisabete Arsenio- Mentor and Chair of the planned session “Justice in Transport” organized in March 2015 to be held at the ETC 2015, Frankfurt. (Note: This activity was part of the Transport Economics, Finance and Appraisal Committee)

Floridea di Ciommo. Call for Trainees Equity in transportation: theory, methods and practices, ‘TEA time in Thessaloniki’ Training school 4-7 May 2015 in Thessaloniki, Greece

Olja Cokorilo. Transport equity appraisal promotion via topics in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORT ENGINEERING (IJTTE) and International Conference on Traffic and Transport Engineering (ICTTE Belgrade 2014) http://www.ijtte.com/article/89/About_Journal.html


Floridea di Ciommo. Calls for papers for the TRB on Social networks and travel behaviour influence (2013-2014);

Floridea di Ciommo. Social equity call for papers for 1st Workshop in Haifa, 11-12 December 2013.